A Killer of a One Night Stand

erotic murder mystery

First published:
July 2014 (Episode One)

c. 700 pages

An erotic murder mystery set in the world of illicit wife-sharing, swinging and extramarital affairs – from the author of the wife-sharing classic, The Madeleine Trilogy

Mild-mannered academic Jonah Fielding is hunting his brother’s murderer, with the fervent belief that he was the victim of a serial killer who meets her victims through the pages of website used by married professionals to arrange affairs and extramarital fun.

Three men already lie dead after meeting the wrong woman on their final one night stands – but the police investigation is going nowhere, and the killer is far from done.

Jonah retraces his brother’s steps by using the website himself to explore the nocturnal world of easy sex, hot wives, and a hidden side of online dating in the city Jack the Ripper once called home.


An erotic mystery thriller — in six episodes

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This title includes:


Episode One

Frustrated by the progress of the police investigation, Jonah Fielding starts looking into his brother’s murder, retracing his steps on the fateful night by using an online sex personals website.

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Episode Two

Assisted unofficially by Detective Mulray, Jonah meets the widow of another of the serial killer’s victims, and discovers her dark, sordid secrets. Meanwhile, as he continues his series of one night stands, Jonah’s belief that all is not what it seems is strengthened.

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Episode Three

Jonah and his beautiful personal assistant uncover some key clues that may provide a tangible link between some of the victims of the Black Widow. Jonah struggles with his feelings a little as he ventures further into the world of wife-sharing and unconventional relationships.

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Episode Four

Emma decides things must now be done differently in the murder investigation. Meanwhile, within the official police investigation, Detective Inspector Mulray is at last cleared to look into what happened to Lord Moss as his case is declassified.

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Episode Five

As another card turns up bearing a new code, it appears that the secret "Network" may be about more than just members of the establishment and the elite within the financial sector sharing their wives...

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Episode Six

The concluding part of the erotic murder mystery. The investigation infiltrates the very heart of The Network, and reaches a dangerous climax.

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The Complete Series

Now available in a single-ebook box set to buy or borrow, A Killer of a One Night Stand - The Complete Series, including all six episodes.

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