A Wife On Show
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Wife-watching erotica

First published:
November 14, 2017

30,000 words

Michael has no problem with his wife, Gemma, helping out a friend by filling a place as a contestant on a brand new dating show on TV. It’ll be a quirky, amusing little adventure to shake up their increasingly settled life.

But the show is not quite Blind Date. For one thing, it requires contestants to be stark naked.

Recording the show in front of a live studio audience, Gemma discovers that it’s quite a turn-on to strip off and exhibit herself in public. Yet as Michael watches from among the studio audience as a naked young man decides whether to date Gemma, or one of her rival contestants, the big surprise is that he quite likes the idea of his wife being chosen for the date at the end of the show.

A 30,000-word sizzling erotic story from the author of wife-sharing best-seller Rock Her World.

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