One last summer before the wedding…

One last chance to test their boundaries…

It’s the first vacation that workaholic couple Leo and Caitlyn have had for a long while, and the sun-drenched South of France offers the perfect opportunity to relax, take in the local sights and completely unwind.

But after an unexpected row threatens to ruin everything, Caitlyn has a chance encounter with an attractive and charming European couple which turns her head to wicked possibilities. Making it up with Leo, she reveals ideas that could blow their relationship apart – or turn out to be the most incredible journey of self discovery.

The temptation of what could happen with the fiery Marco and his beautiful blonde lover Sofia proves strong, but along with the whirlwind of lust and breathless sensual exploration, will they be able to handle the emotional consequences that come with being so intimate with others? And how will it affect their upcoming marriage?

What happens on vacation stays on vacation in this first-time swinging novel from the author of His Week With My Wife.

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