Heidi, Corrupted
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This title includes:

Ex-wife sharing erotic romance

First published:
March 31, 2016

228 pages

He’ll make her irresistible to other men — and he’ll enjoy it when she dates them.

After their passion-free marriage collapses, Joe is certain he’ll never see Heidi again. But several months after their relationship fizzles, Heidi asks for Joe’s help to understand why it all went wrong, and how she can move on.

Joe knows in his heart he was never right for her, but feeling sorry for her, and because they were once good friends, he wants to help her rebuild her shattered self-confidence.

Agreeing to help Heidi find some new, Joe gives her advice on attracting other men, but as Heidi acts on his suggestions and starts dating again, Joe finds his own interest in her rekindled like never before — in a most unconventional way.

A full-length 74,000-word erotic novel exploring the rekindling of desire in a failed relationship, as one man discovers the allure of sharing his ex with others.

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