Her Dirty Little Secret

Her Dirty Little Secret  

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He can’t fulfill his wife’s big fantasy… but what if another man can?

His wife had a fairly wild sex life at college. Tris has even heard some of the stories. But there’s one thing Sasha never tried — and one thing she always wanted to try. Too bad it’s just not his thing. It’s really not his thing.

Then one night in a drunken argument, Sasha blurts out how desperately she wants to fulfill her dirty little fantasy, even just once in her life, and Tris suggests that perhaps she should try it with some other guy.

But by the cold light of day, Tris finds he actually likes the thought of his wife losing that kind of virginity to another man…

Her Dirty Little Secret — a sizzling 43,000-word hotwife-swap novella — from the author of She’s A Star

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