Rock Her World
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This title includes:

Wife-sharing erotica

First published:
August 19, 2017

80,000 words

“What happens on tour stays on tour,” she said. “Except that I’d have to tell my husband everything, right?”

Josie nodded. “That’s about it.”

Julian Dennis knows his wife gets a little hot under the collar whenever she gets to play rock guitar, especially on stage. But now her old band is getting back together for a reunion tour, it seems that her incredible performances will actually depend on Katalina getting her rocks off regularly. And yet Julian can’t just quit his job and go on tour with the band…

While the band rehearses, Julian discovers the truth about how wild previous tours were. But rather than being jealous of his wife’s promiscuous past, Julian finds it a real turn-on — and wonders if it might be best for everyone if she was free to sleep with whoever she wanted as the band tours again…

A scorching-hot, full-length erotic novel of wife-sharing and voyeurism, from the author of “She’s a Star”.


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