Submitting to Her
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This title includes:

Submitting to Her

Femdom erotic romance

First published:
April 2013

279 pages

“On your knees…”

Aiden Jones is horrified when a young woman gets his long-awaited promotion because corporate is fast-tracking female college graduates to fill some kind of gender quota in the company.

He stubbornly makes life difficult for his new boss, leading resistance among the sales team. But when she grows tired of it, and offers him the choice between the end of his career and submitting to her absolute control, there is nothing he can do but accept her authority.

Zoey Schoenberg has had a crush on the company’s top salesman ever since she started as an intern on the fast-track program.

Now that she has absolute control over him, she’s going to really make the most of it – and show him just how thrilling a truly female-led relationship can be.

But Zoey has a dark secret in her past that could threaten everything…

He was a bullish alpha male…

And then she showed him what he was missing

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