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A Wife On Show

A Wife On Show

New book: A man discovers a surprise new sexual fantasy when his wife helps out a friend by filling a place as a contestant on a brand new dating show on TV — a show that requires contestants to be stark naked…



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Best Hotwife Erotica 3: Caught!
A Stranger In My Bed
(Within the “Best Hotwife Erotica 3” anthology)
Best Hotwife Erotica 2: Tricks and Treats
The Ritual
(Within the “Best Hotwife Erotica 2” anthology)
Best Hotwife Erotica Vol 1: Summer
Madeleine Performs
(Within the “Best Hotwife Erotica Vol 1” anthology)
Wife-Sharing Shorts
The Three Laws of Wife-Sharing
(Within the Kenny Wright anthology “Wife-Sharing Shorts Vol 1”)
Exhibit A
Exhibit “A”
(Within the anthology “SenSexual Vol 2”)


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