Out now: Wives With Benefits, Volume Two

These are the stories within this volume:

Wives With Benefits: Volume TwoPenance – When a visiting friend lets slip a little secret from his past, his wife decides a little flirting with her husband’s friend will serve as his penance…

Fertility Rites – A couple resort to extreme measures to get the baby they crave, but going against their agreement, the husband wants to know all about his wife’s unconventional route to conception…

She’s Seeing Someone – After a man discovers evidence that his wife is having an affair, he’s surprised to find himself excited by the revelation, and only craving his wife more and more…

A Little Fantasy Never Hurt – Caught staring at another woman’s behind, he’s surprised to find his wife fully amenable to a little fantasizing… but the thought of her fantasizing about other men strikes him as a seriously arousing fantasy…

A Mistress For My Wife – An equal opportunities officer learns that a beautiful woman has been hitting on his wife in the gym – and actively encourages her to pursue it.

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