What’s Mine Is Yours
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This title includes:

Wife-sharing erotic romance

First published:
November 5, 2014

250 pages

His best friend’s wife likes to flirt with Sean. His best friend seems to enjoy her flirting. And now he wants Sean to take her out on a date.

What is Sean supposed to do with that?

When Sean Ruskin’s marriage collapses, Henry Robinson, a guy who he works with, offers him a room in his home. With no one else to turn to and nowhere else to go, Sean accepts… only to meet Henry’s beautiful, flirtatious wife, Michelle. But things get complicated when Sean learns about the couple’s wife-sharing fantasy.

Knowing only too well how painful it can be to find his wife in bed with another man, will Sean be able to resist Michelle? Or is this exactly what he needs to snap himself out of his own funk?

A wife-sharing romance, told from the boyfriend’s perspective — from the author of Madeleine Wakes

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