Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Harry has always seen Samantha Williams as completely out of his league – off the charts when it comes to the popularity stakes in school. One of the two most beautiful girls in school, she’s never so much as looked at him before socially, more likely to hang with the jocks and the football players than the likes of Harry.

But now the director of their senior production wants Harry to kiss Samantha up on stage – for real.

When it comes to actually kissing her, he’s completely unprepared for what an incredible experience it is – but Samantha is also set for major unexpected consequences when she finds that Harry is not the usual kind of brutish, pig-headed egomaniac she normally sees in boyfriend material.

What power can the most tender, sweetest kiss have on two young star-crossed lovers?

A sweet 11,000 erotic romance celebrating first love.

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