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Are you a big fan of wife-sharing, wife-swapping and wife-watching erotica?

Then you could get your regular Max Sebastian fix entirely for free by joining Max’s Advance Review team.

As part of the team, you would be able to get Max’s books ahead of publication day, in the format of your choice, and without paying a penny.

All you would have to do, in return, is to leave a fair review of the book on websites like Amazon and GoodReads.

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What is an Advance Review Copy, and what does it do?

An ‘advance review copy’, sometimes known as ARC, is a book or ebook sent out to reviewers just ahead of the official release date. It gives the reviewer a chance to read the book, and post a review once it is released publicly.

When a new book comes out, readers will often look to reviews of the story to decide whether it is a story they will enjoy. A book’s highest exposure on websites like Amazon, Kobo and Apple Books comes when it is brand new, and so the more reviews it has when it comes out, the easier it is for readers unfamiliar with the author to decide whether it might be a story for them.

As a result, authors — and particularly indie authors — are helped enormously by their readers recommending stories to others through ratings and reviews.

What you can expect as part of Max’s Advance Review team:

As part of Max’s Advance Review team, you can expect to receive a short email whenever Max has completed a new story, inviting you to decide whether to review the story.

You can ignore the email, of course! And, you’ll still be able to choose to review other stories in future — until you actively decide to unsubscribe from Max’s Advance Review team list. The easy link to unsubscribe will be at the bottom of all emails sent through that list.

If you want to review that particular story, you will be able to click on the link in the email and join the ARC for that particular book. Max uses the Booksprout website to manage the distribution of free review copies, so you’ll be transferred to that website to join the ARC.

Normally, Max will send out the intitial ARC email two weeks before publication.

You will then receive a reminder from Booksprout near to the publication date, asking you to leave your review.

And if you can’t manage to read the book and post a review before the publication date, Max won’t really mind too much. Just review it when you can.

What you will NOT be asked to do:

As part of Max’s team, you will not be required to write favorable reviews, you will not be required to rate a book at a certain level, you will not be required to give anything other than your own honest opinion of the story you have read.

And, hopefully, you won’t find reviewing the book too much work. There’s no need to write a long review — just as much as you care to say to other readers about the story.

Any problems or questions? You can always email

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