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Anarchy of the Heart – Excerpt

Anarchy of the Heart – An Excerpt

(Drawn from Volume One, Making Her Blush)


“I should organize more business meetings if you’re going to come back that horny,” he said.

“Maybe you should,” she said, moaning quietly at his focus on her breasts and stiff little nipples. “Only, I’m not sure if I found Marco and Sofia again whether they’d want me to just watch the next time.”

Leo stepped around to coat her back in sun cream, and he felt that tightness in his lungs as though the air was suddenly very thick, making it difficult to breathe. He could see, even standing behind her, that her face was blazing hot scarlet again.

She was seriously aroused, and that made him seriously aroused.

“Are you trying to make me jealous?” he said. “Because you know that doesn’t really work any more.”

She giggled, “You don’t know that for certain.”

“Maybe we should test it out,” he brought his hands down to her lower back now, and suddenly she was hooking her fingers into the waistband of her swimsuit, and slipping the tiny scrap of cloth down over her thighs to join her top on the tiles.

“What are you saying?” she asked, as his hands mirrored her own earlier treatment of his behind, spreading the wonderfully sensual fluid all over her soft buttocks.

He pulled her to him, whispering in her ear: “Maybe we should find your Marco, and see for sure if he can make me jealous.”

Caitlyn caught her breath, he’d shocked her with that one – there was something satisfying about that, like winning a point.

She was quiet a moment, still. Then she turned, and peered at him, looking over his face as if to see if he was only kidding.

She said: “You haven’t done my legs. Between them, either.”

He crouched, and then kneeled in front of her, looking up at the glorious sight of her naked body, from a beautiful vantage point just below her pink, glistening pussy.

Leo breathed in deeply, his nose just inches from her seeping pussy, inhaling the devilish scent of her arousal blended with the clean fragrance of chlorine. If he hadn’t been aware of her uncertainty concerning oral sex, he’d be already burying his face between her legs.

As it was, he could at least enjoy the spicy aroma from her pussy, and perhaps even kiss his way around it a little as he applied the sun cream to her legs.

“What if I said I knew where they usually have lunch?” Caitlyn said.

“I’d say maybe we should go have lunch there,” he said, defending the point.

He finished up coating her thighs in sun cream, and now kissed her abdomen just above the little triangle of soft brown hair on her mound.

“I think you’d be jealous just having lunch with Marco,” she said, a good firm hit toward the baseline.

“Oh, I’d be okay having lunch with him, for sure,” he said, now squeezing out a final glob of cream to apply to the pale flesh normally covered by her bathing suit. Then he added: “Particularly if he’s as charming as you said last night.”

Caitlyn groaned as her fiancé started spreading the sun cream over her smooth pussy, which she’d gone to the trouble of waxing specially ahead of their vacation.

“Maybe I’d suggest you spend the afternoon with them,” Leo said, prodding her a little by adding: “You know, really test out my jealousy.”

She gasped again, quite loudly this time, and it was clearly not from his fingers skirting over her pussy lips.

She looked down at him, and he could see her eyes flickering a little, assessing his entire face for signs that he was only kidding, that there wasn’t an ounce of truth in his half-mocking suggestion that she spend more time with two confirmed adulterers.

Her own face was flushed so brightly, it was absolutely adorable, and it only made him want to shock her even more.

Caitlyn blew air on her face in an awkward, entirely ineffective attempt at cooling herself down. “I don’t think you could handle that,” she said. “You’d be exploding with jealousy – even if I agreed not to do anything when I was with them.”

Leo grinned, nodded, admiring her serve.

He felt his entire body quivering right now, feeling almost feverish with a white-hot heat centered in his chest, which he recognized easily as that old innate fear of his, the baseless terror at thinking of his true love actually going off with another guy, actually sleeping with him.

It was baseless, so why did it provoke such strong feelings inside him? And did he hate the idea, or did he crave it?

Like a thrill-seeking skydiver, he wanted to overcome his fear, beat it. There was no reason for it, so why did he feel this way?

At the same time, he could sense that Caitlyn felt something similar, an uncontrollable anxiety about the whole concept of other people coming into their five-year-old relationship. What did she think about being with someone else? He wasn’t sure they’d explored it from her point of view.

“I’d handle it and then some,” Leo claimed, though deep inside, he actually had no idea whether he could handle it, no matter how solid he felt his logic was.

Then he hit a return in an attempt to seal the game, saying: “I’d be able to encourage you to go off with them and do whatever you felt like doing.”

He even added a little spin on the ball, to catch her off guard: “I bet the real barrier would be whether you could handle going off with them, and actually allow them to do whatever they wanted with you.”

She actually caught her breath again, and he had a fair idea that her insides were churning molten lead, as much as his own.

It felt like a winning shot, but she breathed deeply, taking it, considering it, lining herself up for a return.

“I’d be fine,” she said. “It’s only sex, right? Only something physical. You’re telling me you’re not going to have a problem with it, so why should I worry?”

Leo was stroking her pussy lips by now, kissing her around the outside of her sensitive zone, and it was quite apparent just how aroused she was, her moisture profuse, her dark, earthy scent getting steadily more intense. Oh, how tempting it was.

Then she added a hint of top-spin on her return: “Even if Marco wanted me to suck his cock, I’d be fine. I mean, you know, if you’re saying you wouldn’t be jealous.”

Leo pulled himself up to his feet. Her blush was almost as strong as his erection, and only drove him on to new heights of lust.

He steered her over towards the gathering of outside chairs – clean white cotton cushions on dark wicker couch-like bases – and Caitlyn allowed herself to be steered, leaned over the high armrest of one of the chairs as he pressed his hard cock up against her behind, the hot flesh lodging between her cheeks.

He said: “What if Marco wanted to slip his cock inside you? I’d put money on you not being able to deal with that.”

Now he manhandled his cock in between her legs, stroking it over her velvet skin, seeking out the center of her moisture.

“You’d lose your money,” she said, and let out a long, sensual sigh as he eased forward and slipped his cock inside her tight wetness.

“I’d be able to handle Marco fucking me,” she went on as Leo started to move inside her, stirring his hips to push his full hardness all the way into her as she gripped onto the chair.

“Couldn’t you tell last night I could handle it?” she added. “I’d get off on him fucking me.”

He rammed her at that, almost rebuking her for her insolence.

“Oh yeah, and he’d fuck me hard like that,” she said, turning her head to flash him a cocky smile, though she couldn’t quite see whether it registered.

Leo took the hint, ramming her again and again, pounding into her. It felt so good, they were both letting loose with the moans and groans – if there were any neighbors close, they couldn’t fail to know what was going on in this villa by now.

He was close, just hanging on, not wanting it to end just yet – and then she stopped him, pushing back gently, standing up, steering him now to take a seat on the chair so that she could sit in his lap.

The chair was a lot more comfortable than he’d thought it was, it really was like a couch. Caitlyn pressed herself down on his hardness, but initially did not slide him back inside her.

“You know,” she said, “when I go off with Marco, Sofia might prefer to go off with you, rather than hang out with us.”

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