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Hotwife stories (husband-led sharing fantasies)

She Could Have Been His
Obsessive: Essence of an Affair
Obsessive 2: A Woman Shared
Obsessive3: Claimed by Another
Obsessive: Trilogy
What's Mine Is Yours
What's Yours Is Mine
Madeleine Wakes
Madeleine Plays
Madeleine Strays
The Complete Madeleine Trilogy
Game Changer
The One That I Married
Rock Her World
Out of His League
The Game
She's a Star
A Wife On Show
Hotwife Hall Pass
Her Dirty Little Secret
My Wife, the Seductress
Naughty Elves' Night Out
Fertility Rites
When The Fantasy Comes True
What Your Husband Really Thinks
The Other Guy Is Paying

Cuckold stories (wife-led sharing stories)

Conference Season
A Calculated Affair

Cheating wife stories

The Wife I Didn't Know
A Lockdown Affair
His Week With My Wife
I'll Cheat If I Want To
She's Seeing Someone

Swinging & Wife swap stories

The Swap
Anarchy of the Heart

Shared girlfriend stories

A Girlfriend For Us Both (Sharing Her In Lockdown #1)
The Truth About My BFF
Heidi, Corrupted
Sharing My Sweetheart

Bisexual wife stories

A Mistress For My Wife

Femdom stories

Submitting to Her