On the way – “Madeleine Wakes” – a story of voyeurism and exhibitionism

A quick update on where I’ve been the past several months. Other than taking care of a new baby boy (my first), who has taken up a lot of time, I have also been working on a new book that is currently weighing in at around 150,000 words, or twice the length of my last novel, Submitting to Her.

It’s not femdom, this time, it’s a tale exploring voyeurism and exhibitionism within a marriage.


Update – delays, delays and more delays

Doesn’t life just get in the way sometimes? When the writing seems to be flowing well, something just comes along to disrupt things. Well, that’s the life for the part-time writer, I suppose. I have been writing odds and ends recently, but after having resolved to get some regular short stories coming, and make regular …