Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

Driving My Hotwife

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Giving a whole new meaning to ‘ride-sharing’

When Sienna Sullivan finishes a late shift at the hospital, it makes sense for husband Billy to drive her home—he is an Uber driver.

Billy can even keep on earning if another passenger is going the same way, and Sienna shares the ride. And Sienna can flirt with her fellow passenger—and tease her husband, knowing that it drives him crazy.

Then one night, Sienna’s flirting goes much further than normal when she shares a ride with a particularly charming older gentleman. And this begs the question—does Billy actually want to watch his wife cheat on him, on the backseat of his own car?

A red-hot erotic tale of a naughty wife tempted into some wicked fun in the back of an Uber car.

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