Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

Game Changer

Their marriage will never be the same.

‘We’ll play poker,’ Hanna said. ‘And whoever wins… gets to spend the night with me.’

Thad and his wife, Hanna, are spending a week in the Slovakian Alps with their old college buddies Jake and Hayden—only, as soon as the airport shuttle dumps them in the tiny resort town where everything is closed and nobody speaks English, they discover there’s no snow this year. Just a whole load of rain.

With a week to get through until the shuttle bus returns, and entirely without alcohol, the four friends find it difficult to pass the time. Once the conversation topics dry up, they soon start to go stir crazy. But there’s really, really, absolutely nothing to do marooned in that chalet.

Until Thad’s wife suggests a game of strip poker—with herself as the ultimate prize.

What happens in the chalet stays in the chalet in this sizzling-hot full-length erotic novel of wicked wife-sharing, from the author of His Week With My Wife.

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