Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

His Week With My Wife

An unfaithful wife becomes a hotwife.

Cheating doesn’t have to end a relationship…

When Tyler discovers that his wife has been sleeping with other men while away on business attending conferences, it has the strangest effect of strengthening his desire for her.

Emily is forced to come clean and admit her infidelity to her husband after one of her new lovers — believing her to be single — invites himself to stay with her for a week, and to turn him down would likely mean she’d have to quit her job.

But to her surprise, Tyler not only allows her to continue seeing other men while away from home, he also says she can entertain her lover at home for the week he’s in town — so long as she’s happy to be shared.

A red-hot erotic novel about a husband discovering his burning desire for his cheating wife.

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