The time for playing is over.

It is time for Madeleine to stray.

Hugo wants his wife to pursue another man. So does Madeleine. They’ve talked about it. They’ve played around with the fantasy for months. Now, they are both ready to take that final, irreversible step into consensual infidelity.

But as their epic journey comes to a powerful conclusion, does the reality of wife-sharing match up to the fantasy? As Madeleine takes on a lover, will jealousy and fear prevail, or will the excitement and satisfaction trump all?

Read on as Madeleine and Hugo finally cross the line.

Madeleine Strays – the third part of The Madeleine Trilogy, a wife-watching romance by Max Sebastian

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  1. Nico1415 says:

    Is there any likelihood of all three books being released as a combined trilogy?
    (as happened with both Anarchy and Submitting to Her?)

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