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Her Dirty Little SecretHer Dirty Little Secret (normally $3.95 on Amazon)

Tris can’t fulfill his wife’s big fantasy… but after a drunken argument, suggests that perhaps she should get another man to do it for her. By the cold light of day, Tris finds that the idea of her losing that kind of virginity to someone else actually turns him on. And his wife Sasha soon has a particular guy in mind…

Her Dirty Little Secret — a sizzling 43,000-word hotwife-swapping novella


My Wife, The SeductressMy Wife, The Seductress (normally $3.59 on Amazon)
32,000-word novella

When they run into the guy she used to babysit as a teenager, and he’s grown into a buff, handsome college boy, Joshua Shaw teases his wife, Tessa, about her obvious attraction.

But as his teasing persists, Joshua finds the thought of his beloved wife fulfilling her crush – and sleeping with young Robert Donovan – is actually a huge turn-on…


Fertility RitesFertility Rites (from: “Wives with Benefits, Vol.2”)
8,000-word short story

A devoted couple has spent thousands on fertility treatment, but fate has not been kind. So desperate are they for children that he will send his beautiful wife out to sleep with another man so that they might finally conceive…


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