Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

Marriage 2.0

Why should the adventure in a relationship end when a couple is pronounced man and wife? Follow the erotic exploits of a series of married couples as they sign up to Marriage 2.0, a high-tech program that arranges life-changing experiences tailored to individuals’ own specific sexual fantasies and preferences.

Stories are serialized on before being released as ebooks and/or paperbacks at stores including Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

Ebooks available:

Couples Featured within Marriage 2.0:

Season 1

Claire and Robert

Claire and Robert have been together 11 years, and while they have settled into a cozy marriage, over the years the passion between them has faded. They decide to sign up to Marriage 2.0 to rediscover their passion for each other. Their Marriage 2.0 adventure takes them by surprise, beginning on a vacation in Rome, Italy.

Frank and Jenni

After being tempted to cheat on wife Jenni, successful businessman Frank goes to Marriage 2.0 seeking help to save his marriage and his family. Follow Frank as he goes through the Marriage 2.0 process, and discovers an unconventional way to rekindle the desire he and his wife have for each other.

Glenn and Emily

Glenn and Emily are young parents, and the stress of family life saps their desire for each other, and leads them into petty arguments that further eats at their sexual connection. Their Marriage 2.0 adventure comes as quite a surprise when it finally arrives.

Melissa and Adam

New Yorkers Melissa and Adam have been through a bad experience trying for kids through IVF, and felt like they needed something to spark up their romance again. After watching an ad in a movie theater, they decide to try Marriage 2.0 — but when their adventure comes, it is most unexpected.

Season 2

Mia and Christian

Mia and Christian are a young couple from the Boston suburbs who are hooked on watching romantic comedies together. When one of these movies highlights an unexpected issue in their own relationship, the solution could be Marriage 2.0…

Carrie and Ben

Carrie and Ben need some help to cope with Ben’s video game addiction, which has taken a big toll on their sexual connection and their marriage. When Carrie signs up for Marriage 2.0, the question is how to entice Ben back into the real world…

Harper and Joel

Joel’s online forum buddies persuade him to open up to wife Harper about his secret wife-sharing fantasy. But Harper’s so horrified by the idea that she signs them up for a new kind of marriage counseling — Marriage 2.0. Does she really know what it’s all about?

Robert and Claire

They’re back to try another adventure from Marriage 2.0, following up their experience in Season One. Claire and Robert now have two young kids, but after a visit from an old friend, they both start feeling the call of the wild again…

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