Welcome to Marriage 2.0 — the modern relationship, upgraded.

Marriage 2.0 is all about making life more thrilling for couples, particularly those who have been together for a while, and may need a little prompt to remember why they fell for each other in the first place.

After all, why shouldn’t dating be as fun for those who have already met the right person, as for those who haven’t?

Seasons Available:


Mia and Christian

Mia and Christian are a young couple from the Boston suburbs who are hooked on watching romantic comedies together. When one of these movies highlights an unexpected issue in their own relationship, the solution could be Marriage 2.0…

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Carrie and Ben

Carrie and Ben need some help to cope with Ben’s video game addiction, which has taken a big toll on their sexual connection and their marriage. When Carrie signs up for Marriage 2.0, the question is how to entice Ben back into the real world…

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Harper and Joel

Joel’s online forum buddies persuade him to open up to wife Harper about his secret wife-sharing fantasy. But Harper’s so horrified by the idea that she signs them up for a new kind of marriage counseling — Marriage 2.0. Does she really know what it’s all about?

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Robert and Claire

They’re back to try another adventure from Marriage 2.0, following up their experience in Season One. Claire and Robert now have two young kids, but after a visit from an old friend, they both start feeling the call of the wild again…

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Season Two: The Complete Season

The whole of Marriage 2.0: Season Two within one single book. You’ll get to read the stories of Mia and Christian, Carrie and Ben, Harper and Joel, and Robert and Claire.

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