My Best Friend’s Wife

A serialized hotwife novel — free for members

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Freddie wants to experience the pain of adultery.

He wants his best friend, Jim, to sleep with his beautiful wife, Anna.

Novelist Freddie Fyfield wants to experience adultery firsthand–to help him write about a character going through a similar experience.

When he asks best friend Jim for help in re-creating those feelings, it would mean Jim having to start an affair with Freddie’s lovely wife Anna.

But how could it be cheating if Freddie knows it’s happening? And how could it possibly be a good idea for Jim to sleep with his best friend’s wife, even with Freddie’s blessing? And what if it all goes wrong and neither Freddie nor Anna ever want to see poor old Jim ever again?

A sweet, sexy hotwife novel from the bestselling indie erotica author of A Lockdown Affair and His Week With My Wife.

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