She used to be his babysitter

But now Robert’s all grown up,

Josh’s wife has a crush on him

When they run into the guy she used to babysit as a teenager, Joshua Shaw teases his wife, Tessa, about her obvious attraction now the young man has grown into a buff, handsome college boy.

But after his teasing persists, Joshua finds the thought of his beloved wife fulfilling her crush — and sleeping with young Robert Donovan — is actually a huge turn-on. Unable to let the strange fantasy go, Joshua enables and encourages her to flirt with Robert, believing it could rekindle the passion in their marriage.

Yet as they’re both tempted to let the fantasy go further and further, can Joshua handle the reality of his wife seducing Robert? Or will driving her into the arms of a younger man mean losing her forever?

A raunchy tale of scandalous wife-sharing in the suburbs, from the author of Madeleine Wakes.

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