Naughty Elves On A Night Out

Hubby is missing their big Date Night, so she’s out with the girls instead.

And now they know he fantasizes about her cheating on him…

When Marc has to miss their first date night in five years to attend his office Christmas party, instead his wife Kate goes out on a big night out with her friends–all dressed as sexy elves. But after a few drinks, Kate lets slip to her best friend that Marc’s secret fantasy is for her to sleep with other men.

From then on, her friends are pushing her to flirt with guys on their night out–and perhaps do even more than that.

Suddenly, Marc finds crazy-hot distraction from his boring office party as his wife considers making his long-held fantasy a reality and her night a real wild adventure. How far will she go? Could he handle it if she really does it? And what will it mean for their marriage if Kate is tempted to be unfaithful?

A sexy, suspenseful erotic novelette of modern marital thrills, full of festive fun, as a wife teases her husband all night while she celebrates Christmas with the girls among the buzzing nightlife of London’s Soho.

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