Obsessive: Trilogy
A Lockdown Affair
Marriage 2.0
Short stories


Having dedicated his life to the Corporation, sacrificing his personal life along the way, Vincent is rewarded with an important task to carry out – to find a mole within the organization. More than a little out of his depth, he finds himself confronted by a beautiful co-worker, whose offer might risk his entire career …

Short stories

A Girl in the Library

A college student has to spend the whole night in a cold, dark library after his attempt to gain a few more minutes on an essay at closing time leaves him locked in. Seeking a way out of the building, he finds he’s not alone in there: a pretty brunette on the college gymnastics squad …

Short stories


A smart lawyer awakens to find himself bound and gagged, taken by two young women who intend to make use of him to fulfill their every sexual desire while they wait for his company to pay a ransom. But as the realities of their crime prove much more challenging than expected, the captive begins to …

Short stories

Inside Source

She’s a government official risking her career and perhaps even her freedom by exposing corruption within her Department. But she’s fallen hard for the handsome journalist that broke the story, and the worst of it is she’s not sure whether she became a whistleblower for the right reasons. And what really scares her is that …