The Swap
She Could Have Been His
The Night She Found Out
Short stories

In Her Service

He’s just a lowly servant, she’s a beautiful heiress… Toby has served the Templeton family all his life, and always looked forward to visits from the sweet American granddaughter. But with Lord Templeton so old and frail, it’s not certain what will happen when the master of the house passes, and for Toby it’s not …

Short stories

Two Anonymous Souls

He’s been out on his bachelor party, and she’s been out on her bachelorette party. Hardly the best time for a fling, right? But they’re drawn to each other, feeling connected through their last minute concerns about marriage. Certain that a late night rendezvous can remain just between them, they open their hearts and reveal …

Short stories

She was a Good Girl

Laura has had a crush on her boss ever since he hired her, but she’s always done her best to ignore it and live up to his high standards of professionalism. Then one night after work he reveals a secret obsession with her in a most unprofessional way. Her impression of him is instantly shattered, …