She’s discovered his deepest, darkest secret…

Liam Bryson’s secret fantasy has always been the idea of his wife falling for the temptations of another man. But he’s never been able to share this fantasy with Victoria. The very idea of it is too dangerous, it presents too much risk of ruining their rock-solid marriage, that his wife will be furious at him for harboring such wicked thoughts of her infidelity.

Then one day he comes home to find a DVD waiting for him. It’s from Victoria. Somehow she’s found out what his deepest, darkest sexual fantasy is — and according to her message, she’s determined to make it come true.

A 10,000 word short story of sizzling wife-watching, heart-skipping wife-sharing and full-on sensuality forms part of the Wives with Benefits collection of short stories featuring insatiable wives.

n.b. This short story is also available within the anthology “Wives with Benefits, Volume One”