Review: Something Forbidden by Kenny Wright

The Review:

Incredible – what a ride. This is almost more like an erotic thriller than straight erotica, it’s a little more plot-driven than the author’s other, more character-led stories, which for me made it even more exciting, particularly in the breath-taking last third.

It’s the story of a bar owner who stumbles onto the concept of wife-sharing quite by chance, but as he decides to pursue it and introduce it to his wife, he finds himself losing control in a shocking manner. While he finds the idea of his sexy other half straying into the arms of another man a thrilling prospect, he is taken for a ride by a machiavellian villain who could just wreck everything, including his marriage.

I’ve become a big fan of Kenny Wright this year following the superb Just Watch Me, but this has been my favorite so far. I couldn’t put it down for a moment, and as I read the second half, I swear I was shaking a little. Once again, wonderful characters, particularly the villain of the piece, great pace and slick writing, with a fully satisfying ending.


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