Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

She Could Have Been His

Available October 1

She could have been his… and, maybe, she will be yet…

When Will and his wife, Sara, enjoy a night out with their old friend, Rob, he reveals that back before he first introduced them to each other, he had actually been thinking about asking Sara out himself.

After Will teases Sara about how it would have been if she’d been with Rob all these years, instead of him, Sara teases him back by kissing Rob.

Will is stunned by the incredible chemistry between his wife and his old friend as they kiss — but even more surprising is how much he wants them to continue, to explore this thrilling, deeply sexy chemistry all the way…

An 8,500-word erotic short story from the master of hotwife and cuckold erotica, author of A Lockdown Affair and His Week With My Wife.

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