Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

The Madeleine Trilogy

The Madeleine Trilogy – the complete epic wife-watching romance in one single bundle

Infidelity is her cure

Hugo and Madeleine Finnell move to New York looking for a way to end her depression, a bleakness so deep it’s left their five-year marriage in tatters. With the change in scenery, Hugo notices an immediate improvement in Madeleine’s mood — and perhaps a rekindling of her libido.

But then he learns her secret — that her therapist has recommended she flirt with other men to build her self-confidence — and he witnesses her doing exactly that.

Hugo must grapple with his strange fascination with Madeleine’s flirting, and a certain individual who flirts back. Shock, jealousy, and — much to his surprise — arousal buffet Hugo as he witnesses this sexy side of Madeleine come alive. Can he stop her as she starts taking things too far? Does he want to?

Find out what happens when a husband becomes an obsessed voyeur to his wife’s emergent sexuality.

The Madeleine Trilogy:

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