Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

The One That I Married

His wife’s twin is going on a date dressed like her.

And now he wishes it was his wife going

Jacob has always been able to distinguish between his wife, Rebecca, and her identical twin sister, Rachel.

Rebecca’s the more refined, more mature, more sophisticated one; Rachel’s the wild one, the bouncy one, the effervescent, unrestrained one.

How could anyone mistake one for the other?

Then one night Jacob watches as Rachel pretends to be Rebecca in order to impress a hot new date, a man who is more mature and sophisticated than Rachel’s usual type.

And Jacob realizes two things: firstly that having always relied on stylistic and behavioral differences to tell the twins apart, he actually can’t tell them apart physically; and secondly, that watching his wife go out on a date with another man is perhaps the biggest turn-on ever.

Sizzling wife-sharing erotica from the Amazon-bestselling author of His Week With My Wife and What’s Mine Is Yours.

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