Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

The Three Laws of Wife-Sharing

>We need to talk about sex.


Michael’s happy for his wife Lisa to go on regular nights out with just the girls, even if it means coming home late. He trusts her, they’ve been married long enough that things have stabilized, settled.

One night, however, Lisa comes home with dangerous ideas after talking to her troublemaker of a best friend about the less-than-thrilling state of her sex life. She’s determined that she and Michael will discuss openly and honestly their most secret fantasies — and perhaps put them to the test.

Michael has no choice but to go along with her plan, but how will she react to his darkest fantasy, the thought that has haunted his dreams for years — his desire to share her with another man?

An 11,000 word short story of sensual, thrilling wife-sharing, comes as an exclusive addition within Kenny Wright‘s anthology of erotic short stories, “Wife-Sharing Shorts Vol. 1”.

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