Sensual Erotica for Discerning Readers

The Wife I Didn’t Know

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A full-length novel from top hotwife erotica authors Max Sebastian and Kenny Wright

When Damien Sullivan woke from a COVID-19 induced coma, he couldn’t remember the last twenty years of his life. He didn’t recognize the world around him. He couldn’t remember the huge house he lived in or the successful career that he’d built.

And most surprising of all, he couldn’t remember the woman he’d married.

Dana Sullivan was smart, successful, and gorgeous. Out of the nightmare of his memory loss, she was a dream come true. They explored one another anew, closer than strangers, fresh like new lovers.

And then Damien discovers that Dana hides a secret life of dark desires and sordid fantasies—one that even the old Damien didn’t know about. One that involved Dana stepping out with other men. One that, Damien realizes, turns him on.

Were these just fantasies? Find out now in The Wife I Didn’t Know.

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