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Cover reveal: Madeleine Wakes


Revealing the cover for my next novel, a full-length wife-watching romance about a New York couple rekindling the passion in their marriage by exploring the idea of consensual infidelity…

madeleine-md-thumb-2Madeleine Wakes, my next novel, is now buried in the editing process, which hopefully shouldn’t take too long, although my editor has a new baby on his hands, so I’m not rushing him. Hopefully, we’ll have this one out by the end of January, if not early February.

The story follows a New York couple as they rekindle the passion in their relationship by exploring their sexual fantasies, starting with a little voyeurism, a little exhibitionism, and developing into fantasies of wife-sharing and the question: would they be able to handle turning the fantasies into reality?

It’s a long one – twice as long as my previous novels, Anarchy of the Heart and Submitting to Her, with the first draft coming in at 500 pages. But, it’s a powerful journey for the central couple, with the sexual tension building through the story to a suitable climax at the end.

Here, in the mean time, is the fantastic cover, produced by the superb Kenny Wright, a brilliant graphic artist as well as a popular erotic fiction writer, whose stories may well be familiar to you if you enjoy the kind of wife-watching tale that has provided some of the inspiration for Madeleine Wakes.

The Blurb:

A marriage rekindled.

A dark fantasy explored.

A dangerous line crossed.

With their move to New York and a fresh start, Hugo thinks he’s finally found the cure to his wife Madeleine’s depression. The smiles are back. The laughter. The sexuality. Then he discovers the true source of her newfound happiness: she’s been flirting with other men, and loving it.

At first, Hugo is shocked and jealous. But as the vibrant woman that he’d fallen in love with so many years starts to emerge once again, he finds himself not only wanting to support her, but turned on by it.

To watch her turn other men on with her sexy little outfits and seductive behavior turns Hugo on. As her sexual confidence grows, so does his lust for her. Hugo finds himself overwhelmed by the desire to see his stunning wife explore her powerful sexuality in the arms of another man—but how will she react to his desires, and what will happen if the dark fantasy becomes reality?

Madeleine Wakes: A wife-watching romance

A full-length novel by Max Sebastian — available early 2014


Written by


Max Sebastian has been writing erotic fiction since 2001, starting out at the website before breaking into ebooks in 2011. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

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