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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a good festive season, and a successful 2013. It’s been a turbulent year for yours truly, resulting in not quite so many new stories as there could have been, but 2014 is set to be a good year.

With the second draft rapidly taking shape, it looks as though January 2014 will see publication of Madeleine Wakes, a fairly lengthy novel charting the development and realization of a sizzling wife-watching fantasy for a couple living in New York. As mentioned before, if you’ve enjoyed my story Anarchy of the Heart, then Madeleine Wakes will probably be right up your street.

Once Madeleine Wakes is released, my focus turns to the erotic murder mystery “A Killer of a One Night Stand”, which you may have seen early chapters on The novel shouldn’t take took long to complete from where it currently is, so hopefully we might even see it in February. The story involves a guy who is searching for his twin brother’s killer under the strong impression that it was a woman he met and dated through an online dating website. Our hero feels let down by the police, and begins dating women from the very same website in the hope of catching the killer.

Following “Killer”, I have a few other longer stories on the way, including another murder mystery and if all goes well some science fiction to go alongside my standard erotica stories.

I hope you’ll have a great 2014 and find some fantastic erotic fiction this year.

London, January 1 2014

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Max Sebastian has been writing erotic fiction since 2001, starting out at the website before breaking into ebooks in 2011. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

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  1. Great news for the New Year – thoroughly enjoyed Anarchy so really looking forward to Madeleine Wakes and also glad to hear that Killer Will be continuing as I thought it an interesting development from your other stories on Lit…

    • Thanks Nico. The current plan is to enhance Killer a little from the original start on Lit. It has been something of an experiment, which should lead to more erotic mysteries from me in future.

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