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New book: Madeleine Strays – Concluding the epic wife-watching romance


This third part of the trilogy picks up immediately after the end of the second part, Madeleine Plays. Madeleine and Hugo are looking for the right man to fulfill their fantasy of having Madeleine explore her desires in the arms of another.

madeleine-strays-small-sizeThere’s still a few twists and turns in the tale to come, but if you happened to think that the second part of the trilogy ramped up the heat factor compared to the first, then you’ll notice the heat factor reaching new heights in Madeleine Strays: the fantasy and role-playing of part two now becomes reality.

Once again my editor Kenny Wright (whose own books you’ll absolutely love if you’re enjoying the Madeleine Trilogy) has been enormously important in influencing the development of this story, and has achieved incredible feats getting everything done in so short a time.

So, I do hope you enjoy this third book in the trilogy, and if you have a spare moment of two once you’ve reached the end, you’ll have my undying gratitude if you can jot a little review down on Amazon, to let others know how you found it. It really does make a huge difference for an author in this new digital age.

And if you’ve enjoyed the Madeleine Trilogy, keep your eyes out for my next story, which hopefully will be published early next month.

– Max

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Max Sebastian has been writing erotic fiction since 2001, starting out at the website before breaking into ebooks in 2011. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

6 thoughts on “New book: Madeleine Strays – Concluding the epic wife-watching romance”

  1. I finished the last installment a day and a half ago and the characters are still with me, I can’t get them out of my head. I have some many questions. The biggest… what if Hugo had said no when asked if he cared if Madeleine had a ‘secret’ affair? Lots of implications in that one.

    I have more questions, Max, if you would be open to them.

    Excellent job with this one. There is no reason this couldn’t be a mainstream best seller.

    • Thanks Ian, glad you enjoyed the books. Open to any questions you have, though if you do, try to avoid leaving any spoilers that might affect other readers. You’re right, there would be huge implications if Hugo had said “no” to that one.

      • Ok here one I think might be spoiler free. Can you give more details about the cause of Madeleine’s depression at the beginning of the story?

        • Sure. If you look at the first chapter of Madeleine Wakes, a few pages in (around Location 76 on the Kindle) it refers briefly to a miscarriage she suffered, which was likely a leading factor, although depression’s quite a complex beast, so it could have been other factors too, my editor’s theory was that the “dark secret” that’s revealed in Madeleine Strays may even have played a part. Maybe Madeleine was simply predisposed to have the condition, as many are. I didn’t want it to be entirely clear, as the condition isn’t quite that simple.

          • That makes sense. I just thought there was something more, since miscarriages are not that uncommon. I guess I could ask if it made her infertile, since she nor Hugo seem to be too concerned about her getting pregnant, or did I miss something?

            Thanks for your time. I really do love your writing style and look forward to reading more.

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