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New hotwife anthology, plus ‘My Best Friend’s Wife’ continues…


As promised to my paperback readers, here’s a chance to read some of my shorter stories in print. You can now get ‘Hotwife Erotica: Volume One’ at Amazon.

Also available as an ebook for Kindle, and Kindle apps, this new anthology contains nine of my existing stories, including:

  • Playback
  • You’re Supposed To Experiment
  • Retribution
  • I’m Not Your Type
  • A Little Fantasy Never Hurt
  • She Could Have Been His
  • I’ll Cheat If I Want To
  • The Night She Found Out
  • When The Fantasy Comes True

It’s a bit of a mix of older and new stories, but this first volume has been selected for a balance of story types, hopefully to give the best experience for a reader.

You can get the ebook here >>
You can get the paperback version here >>

There’s also a hardcover version available, but this is a little experimental, since I’ve never done one before. I have to wait 5 weeks to get an author copy, so I can’t yet vouch for the quality. We’ll see how hardcovers go. There might not be much demand for them.

I have a second volume of a further nine stories in Hotwife Erotica: Volume Two, that should come out next month.

My Best Friend’s Wife

Meanwhile, Episode 5 of my serialized novella My Best Friend’s Wife is now available at Medium >>

If you haven’t checked that one out, yet, it’s a fun story of a guy whose novelist best friend asks him to have an affair with his beautiful wife to help him get inside the head of a key character in his latest book.

Episodes are between 3,000 and 4,000 words each, and are published on Medium every Monday morning.

I’ve already written episodes 6 and 7, and it’s going really well so far. I’m pleasantly surprised by how many of you are getting into this story, even if you have to wait each week for the next bit.

The plan is that once it is complete, I’ll put it out as an ebook in the usual bookstores, so that everyone else can get a copy.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


p.s. Just a little reminder, you can pre-order my story ‘Hope and Glory at all the major ebook stores now, for digital delivery as soon as it comes out on January 1. It’s the story of a married couple who come across a glory hole while sightseeing in Amsterdam’s red light district.

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