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New novelette available on Amazon


Now available for your Kindle e-reader or your Kindle app, ‘The Night She Found Out’, a 16,000-word erotic novelette.

Well, Halloween has passed by for another year, a brand new month is here, and that means my current strategy of trying to get a brand new short(ish) story out every month continues…

From today, you can get your hands on ‘The Night She Found Out’, a 69-page novelette about a young wife whose best friend breaks into her husband’s computer and discovers his secret fantasy is to share his wife with other men.

This story is a little unusual for me, as it is told from a female perspective — the narrator is the young wife.

You can get it via this link:

And here is the blurb:

Zoe’s just found out her husband’s dirty secret.

After a wild night out with the girls, Zoe lets best mate Michaela crash at her place—only for Michaela to hack into Zoe’s husband’s laptop, and pry into his browsing history.

Zoe’s ordinary-seeming accountant of a husband has been fantasizing about sharing his wife. Zoe is shocked. Michaela, on the other hand, is already planning to take her out to get her laid.

I hope you enjoy it — let me (and others, if you can) know what you think of the story!

Next month

At the beginning of next month, I have another novelette coming out, a 72-pager called ‘Conference Season‘, which is about a wife who decides to improve her working life by opening herself up to extramarital sex when she’s away from home attending conferences.

It’s a little more of a cuckold tale than a purely hotwife tale, as the wife is in the driving seat, but the husband is definitely on board–I don’t really do nonconsent.

You can pre-order Conference season via this link, so that it arrives in your Kindle device (or app) as soon as December is here.

Meanwhile, you can catch my really short stories (under 5,000 words) at Medium, and if you’re interested in writing erotica and how to self-publish it, there’s a load of advice there, too. I’m also in the process of writing my next novel, a sequel to ‘A Girlfriend For Them Both‘.

Thanks for reading!


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