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I’ve been taking a bit of a breather recently, as I was feeling a touch of burn-out. It’s okay, it happens from time to time. But it’s always best to take a break and re-group when that happens.

But now, I’m starting to look at what to do for my next project.

Sure, I have that sequel to “A Girlfriend For Us Both” to get written. I definitely should do that. I’ve also been meaning to write another season of “Marriage 2.0” for ages.

And, I have plenty of other ideas for stories that I believe will be good. A story set in East Berlin before the wall came down, in which the Stasi requires a housewife to cheat on her husband to inform on his friends. A story about a single guy who seeks his own hotwife via Tinder. A story about a couple desperate to integrate into a new neigborhood, who find that a key party is their key to doing so.

A story about a guy whose gamer wife enjoys flirting with guys in her massively multiplayer online game, and then gets tempted to do more than just flirt…

The last six months have been a lot of fun for me, getting to grips with a more regular publishing schedule, and in particular serializing a novel on Medium. I would definitely like to do more of that.

I have one big issue going forward: from May onwards, for family reasons, I won’t be able to sell new ebooks for a few months. And I’m not entirely sure how long that restriction will be. Hopefully, only a few months at most. I’ll be able to keep existing publications on sale, but just not publish anything new.

It’s a little annoying, but once those few months are over, life should be good again and I’ll be able to get back to a regular publishing schedule.

Naturally, I could just stop releasing new ebooks/paperbacks for a while, and then start again as soon as I’m allowed. But I think I’d be better off putting something out for free, and then get back to earning a living with my writing when I’m permitted.

So, my current thought is that I will resume publishing on Medium, but without putting it behind the usual pay wall.


I’m considering all of the story ideas I’ve mentioned above as possible serials, since my last one, My Best Friend’s Wife, went so well. But, I’ve had an idea that it might be good to serialize Marriage 2.0 on Medium, essentially giving it away for free on that platform, but with a view to building an audience for it so that I can then serialize Marriage 2.0 Season Two.

So if you have already read Marriage 2.0 Season One, the benefit would be that I’ll be putting out Season Two after it. And if you haven’t read it yet, it’ll be coming out in weekly installments for free.

Anyway, that’s my thought process at the moment.

I think it might be fun to serialize Marriage 2.0. But I think if I put out a Season Two at this point, it wouldn’t do very well anyway, since it’s been a while since Season One.

But, if anyone wants to persuade me otherwise, I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading!


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Max Sebastian has been writing erotic fiction since 2001, starting out at the website before breaking into ebooks in 2011. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

3 thoughts on “Up next…”

  1. Great to hear from you again, Max!

    Of your new story ideas, I have to say I’m most intrigued by the East Berlin one. It sounds very offbeat for a book in this genre — a somewhat dark premise on its face, with interesting historical and political elements. Would definitely love to see that one at or near the top of the development pile.

    Speaking of offbeat ideas, I actually delayed reading “Marriage 2.0: Season One” for a while (although I purchased it immediately), because I wasn’t sure how well the sci-fi elements of the concept would work. I should have known better — one of your strengths as a writer is trying new things and pushing the boundaries of the hotwife category, and I now consider the book one of your best. So as far as your Medium proposal, it wouldn’t benefit me personally (both because I’ve already read it and because I’m a Luddite paperback-only guy), but I’d endorse anything that facilitated a “Season Two.”

    BTW, any chance you could get out the second volume of “Hotwife Erotica” and that companion collection of novellas before your May publishing hiatus? Would certainly help pass the time till your triumphant return ….

  2. Thanks for your comment, Joey. That second volume of Hotwife Erotica is on the way, I’m aiming to put that out in April at some point. I think that East Berlin story will definitely come, but after my hiatus. My current thoughts are to write a sequel to Girlfriend for Us Both while I put out Marriage 2.0 on Medium.

  3. would love to see as sequel to a Killer Of A One Night Stand. I consider it one of your best to date and I have read several.


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