Update – delays, delays and more delays

Doesn’t life just get in the way sometimes? When the writing seems to be flowing well, something just comes along to disrupt things. Well, that’s the life for the part-time writer, I suppose.

I have been writing odds and ends recently, but after having resolved to get some regular short stories coming, and make regular progress on longer works – not to mention keeping this website updated – a first child has come along and blown all my plans out the window.

Yes, there was a nine-month preparation for this moment, but we new parents find that you can prepare as much as you like, you’ll never know how things will go until it happens.

So, things have slowed down quite considerably, with most of my spare moments now going to baby care, rather than the writing. Proper sleep is now a distant memory, and most days seem to be spent in a daze as I commute to the nine-to-five while attempting to assist my better half as much as humanly possible when I am at home.

When I do have some spare moments, I’m working on various projects including a novel about voyeurism and exhibitionism within a marriage, an erotic menage novel and the continuation of the erotic mystery I began on Literotica, A Killer of a One Night Stand. All I can say is, I’ll hopefully have something completed soon, but it’s looking more likely to be this fall some time, hopefully early fall.

In the mean time, if you haven’t caught my recent short story Waiting In Line for a New iPad, check it out – it’s now free on Amazon as well as Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and others. It’s a fairly straightforward and sweet first time story, about a guy doing exactly what it says in the title, who happens to fall for somebody else in the line.


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