Update: Next book, “My Wife, The Seductress”

journalist-writing So I now have a title for my next book, a short novel that will be called “My Wife, The Seductress”, assuming I don’t have a last-minute epiphany about something else. No cover yet, that should appear in the next few days.

The story is receiving its final beta readings (if you’re a fast reader and want to volunteer as a beta reader, or you’re a slower reader and want to volunteer to beta-read future books, feel free to contact me, it’s always good to have more beta readers), but I’m now hoping to have this one published on 26 or 27 April.

My Wife, The Seductress is a wife-watching and wife-sharing story of about 32,000 words (about 100-110 pages). It features a married couple who return to the wife’s home town to raise their first child, whereupon the wife bumps into a guy she used to babysit who is now a college-age stud. When her husband teases her about the guy’s obvious long-held crush on her, the fantasy of the wife actually being allowed to fulfill the guy’s crush emerges.

It’s a sizzling suburban wife-sharing adventure, a lot more straightforward than my recent “Madeleine Trilogy”, but hopefully a lot of fun for those who enjoyed that particular epic.

As I said, check it out on the weekend of April 26-27.

In May, I should be releasing the first episode of my crime thriller “A Killer of a One Night Stand”, with the intention to release subsequent episodes each month.