Updates: Interview with Max Sebastian; Heidi, the Podcast; the next story

So, it’s been a busy month or so, but I thought I’d share the latest news, including what is looking like being my next story, which shouldn’t be too long in coming, I believe.

Heidi-Corrupted-thumbHeidi, the Podcast

Hopefully you managed to take a glance at my most recent release — Heidi, Corrupted — which has received some nice feedback from readers, which is always a good thing after you’ve taken a chance or two to go slightly against the grain. I always thought it would hit the kind of sweet spots that readers of hotwife stories enjoy, but it wasn’t exactly the normal hotwife story.

Those who like their erotica in a slightly more audio form might be interested to hear that Heidi was featured last week on the Grey Knight Erotica podcast, a weekly podcast that features readings of new erotica. The Grey Knight performed an excerpt from the book, and it’s an excellent performance well worth while catching if you can.

The Grey Knight Erotica podcast in particular likes to bring the male voice in erotica to female listeners, but I’m sure there’s something there for everyone. As of writing this, the podcast is the #24 most popular podcast on Stitcher, worldwide.

Max interviewed by Sidney Sitravon

Also last week, fellow erotica author Sidney Sitravon posted an interview with yours truly. Sidney will be familiar to many of you having penned hotwife stories like “The Anklet”, and provided some really insightful questions here.

Take a look if you’re at all curious about how I got into this, and about the writing.

The next story…

her-dirty-little-secret-thumbMeanwhile, the writing itself continues, and it looks as though the next story coming along will be “Her Dirty Secret”. It’s a wife swap story currently standing at 17,000 words, but has a little further to go. I believe it will be a novella rather than a full novel.

The story is of a wife who accidentally reveals to her friends that there’s something filthy she’s never done, but would really like to try — and yet her husband just doesn’t have the urge to do it. The solution suggested by the wife’s best friend is to try it with another man, and the hero of the story finds that actually, he likes the idea of his wife trying it with another man.

This one is a wife-swap story rather than a pure hotwife tale, but I believe I will have it finished by the end of this week, so that it will be published by the end of the month.

And, unlike my previous stories I’m planning on putting this one out for free, for all those who have signed up to my mailing list, or who sign up at any point in the future to receive email updates when my new stories are available. So if you’re interested in this story, sign up to my mailing list!

Around the subgenre…

There’s so much going on in this particular subgenre, I’ve also been working on a few things with fellow authors Kenny Wright, Kirsten McCurran, Ben Boswell and Arnica Butler, which should hopefully start coming to fruition in the next few weeks.

Check out Hotwifebooks.com for their latest stories, including Arnica’s “A Summer Vacation”, Ben’s “Neighbor Games” and Kenny’s fantastic trilogy conclusion “Training to Love It 3”. Kirsten’s Hot Dates 3 is coming out in just a few days’ time, too, and you can pre-order it now.

Also, check out Sean Geist’s new book, Pictures at Ten, which I also enjoyed very much.

Until next time!