His best friend offers him a place to stay…

And a wife to share.

After Sean Ruskin’s marriage collapses, his best friend and co-worker, Henry Robinson, offers him a place to stay. With no one else to turn to, and nowhere else to go, Sean accepts. Only to find complication in the form of Henry’s beautiful, flirtatious wife, Michelle.

But his efforts to be a responsible friend are blown out of the water when Henry suggests that Sean take Michelle out on a date.

Does Henry really know what he’s asking Sean to do? Sean is intrigued by the idea of his friend’s wife-sharing fantasy, but what if it means he ends up breaking up someone else’s marriage — and hurting his only real friend in the process?

A wife-sharing romance, told from the boyfriend’s perspective — from the author of The Madeleine Trilogy.

Check out the sequel:

What’s Yours Is Mine

Converted to a less monogamous view of marriage by his adventures with best friend Henry and his wife, Michelle, Sean feels certain he can now offer his own wife, Katie, a new kind of relationship that will keep her satisfied in ways she could never have imagined.

But will she be open to the possibilities of being a shared wife?

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Also available: Both books in a single volume:

What’s Mine Is Yours,

What’s Yours Is Mine

The full story, in a single volume. Sean Ruskin is a man whose marriage has collapsed. But with a little help from a friend, he can get back on his feet — and discover a more liberating view of marriage that might just transform his life…

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