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A Wife For Watching


A Wife For Watching

2023 | Voyeurism | Hotwife

A husband and wife explore the dark thrills of voyeurism and exhibitionism as they discover their passion for watching each other in arousing situations.

A husband is caught watching pornography by his wife.

But to his surprise, Catherine isn’t horrified that Kevan has been pleasuring himself watching filthy videos. She wants to watch him do it.

Kevan finds it highly erotic to expose himself to his innocent, but eager wife. And when he tells her to strip for him, Catherine delights in turning her husband on.

This begins a new erotic adventure for them both that rekindles their passion for each other, while opening up new and dangerously thrilling fantasies. But can Catherine and Kevan’s bond survive the dark exhilaration as their voyeur/exhibitionist games develop into full-blown wife-sharing?

A slow-building exploration of voyeurism and exhibitionism within a marriage, from the master of erotic hotwife adventures, the author of His Crush On My Wife and Marriage 2.0.

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