Review: Cool With Her by Kenny Wright

The Review:

This was a real treat from Kenny Wright, a rip-roaring erotic adventure that fans and newbies alike will love.

The crime fiction genre has its classic locked-room mysteries, where we have a limited group of characters from whom we have to find a murderer. Erotic fiction’s equivalent is the saucy game, with a closed circle of characters thrown together to pass the time with a sexy parlor game that requires them all to challenge their sexual boundaries, and leaves the reader wondering who will end up with who. Cool With Her gives a good airing for this “game” concept with five friends trapped inside during a snowstorm, adding in the Kenny Wright hallmarks of wife-sharing and voyeurism, and asking the question: how well do you really know your partner?

The “game” story lives and dies on the attractiveness of the characters involved, and Cool With Her does not disappoint in this regard. Here we have a fiery blonde whose partner wants to share her, a strong-willed wife determined to stretch her limits — and those of her husband — and not to mention Casey, the ravishing sexpot geek girl from Kenny Wright’s Las Vegas adventure, Unconventional. They are all out to enjoy each other’s company to the full, and provide a few surprises along the way that perhaps go further than this author has gone before in terms of the heat factor.

If you enjoyed Kenny Wright’s other “game” story, All In, then you’ll certainly fancy warming yourself up with this story. And if you haven’t read All In, then you have another treat waiting for you there.