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New Release: Madeleine Plays, a wife-watching romance


Following on from Madeleine Wakes, this second volume steps up the heat factor with Hugo and Madeleine now communicating about their fantasies and desires, despite the fact that the things the two of them are dreaming of fall outside the usual realms of a classically monogamous marriage.

madeleine-playsThis is a major journey for this couple, exploring their fantasies now that they’ve admitted them to one another. Yet their commitment to each other means they have to play this exploration carefully, one step at a time, with each wanting to understand the other, and why these strange fantasies turn them on.

Can they really handle the idea of another man becoming part of their exploration? How will it affect their love for each other?

Thanks again to my editor (and cover designer) Kenny Wright for his support on this latest story. The third part in the trilogy, Madeleine Strays, is scheduled for publication in two weeks’ time, March 23. Kenny also has a new book out at the moment, Cool With Her, and if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, I’m sure it’s something you’ll enjoy.

Enjoy the book, and if you’re up for it, do remember to leave a little review on Amazon, let other people know what you thought.

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