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Coming soon… ‘Her Secret Life’, and more…

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I hope you’re all well, and coping with the completely crazy way the world is going. My thoughts are with you if you’re dealing with sickness or grief right now, or if you’ve lost your job, or if you’re a key worker or healthcare professional dealing helping to take care of stricken people.

I just thought I’d post an update to let you know that I’m working on some new stories, they just haven’t quite got to the end yet.

It’s been a few months since my last story, and I had hoped to put out some shorter stories while I work on the second season of ‘Marriage 2.0’, but the stories I’ve been working on have run too long, so nothing’s been ready to put out yet. Hopefully I’ll have something out in April, although I can’t guarantee anything since we’ve been self-isolating in the last week or so, since someone in our household has had a cough (not the virus, as far as we know, but there’s no access to testing around here), and schools officially closed down on Friday anyway.

I do have about 33,000 words written on a story called ‘Her Secret Life’, which I’m now fairly confident I’ll be able to complete in the next few weeks. It’ll most likely be novel-length, since it’s already getting past the novella stage, and the story is only just warming up.

It’s a story about a fairly ordinary suburban husband who is suddenly emailed a clip showing his wife sleeping with another man.

The story sees the man initially react with horror, before he starts to realize that he’s more turned on than angry about his wife’s infidelity. But rather than confront her about it, he seeks to find out more, and finds that he’s enjoying finding out more a little too much to actually want her secret life to come out into the open.

It’s quite a fun story, so far, involving a wife secretly using Tinder, and a husband who finds her there, and through a fake profile even manages to talk to her about what she’s up to through the Tinder app.

A lot of my stories seem to examine the communications between spouses where some kind of infidelity (consensual or otherwise) is involved, and this is definitely no different in that respect. However, the dynamic involving Tinder is quite new, and it’s been interesting so far.

Anyway, meanwhile, I have also been working on Marriage 2.0 a little here and there, so once I’ve got ‘Her Secret Life’ out there, I’ll be steaming ahead with that.

I’ve also been working a little on a story with Kenny Wright, so we’ll see how that one goes, as well. It’s a good one, it just might take some time given how busy Kenny and I have been recently. Oh, and if you haven’t already started it, check out Kenny’s new series, Bull’s Eye — it’s fantastic.

Stay well, and stay indoors if you can!


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Max Sebastian has been writing erotic fiction since 2001, starting out at the website before breaking into ebooks in 2011. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

7 thoughts on “Coming soon… ‘Her Secret Life’, and more…”

  1. Hope you and yours continue to fare well through the crazy, Max. I’m currently reading (a bit belatedly) “Marriage 2.0,” and loving it so far. I also really enjoyed “The Truth About My BFF,” and I’m looking forward very much to “Her Secret Life.” I’d also like to thank you for continuing to make your work available in paperback. I’ve been greatly disappointed that some of my (other) favorite writers in the hotwife genre seem to have abandoned print publication entirely, but I believe writing of substance and quality such as yours deserves the tangibility and permanence of real books.

    • A late thought on that subject: You once said you would like to do a paperback collection to include “A Wife on Show” and “Sharing My Sweetheart,” but that you wanted to have an additional story to round out the book. Would “I’ll Cheat If I Want To” fill the bill? (I’ve always especially wanted to read “A Wife on Show,” and that cover model is breathtaking — maybe a good choice for the collection cover?)

      • Thanks for your thoughts, Joey. I love reading hard copy books, and it’s lovely to be able to put my stories out in print. The truth is, as wonderful as it is to have that option, the costs mean that authors basically don’t get much income from that avenue, so financially it doesn’t justify the work put into producing the print version and its cover. Many authors therefore, understandably, don’t have the time. I try to, purely for those readers who prefer paperbacks. I’ll look into putting together a collection of my novellas — that’s a great idea! I’m not sure what the cover will be, though. If it’s the same one as a previous title, however, there could be some confusion among readers as to which title they’re buying, so I might want to avoid that!

        • Those are some lovely new covers you’re doing for many of your older titles, as well as for the collected “Obsessive” trilogy. Makes me wish I didn’t already have all of them (and yes, I do have everything you’ve ever released in paperback). When they first pop up on Amazon, I keep going, “Ooh, new book,” before realizing it isn’t.

          Speaking of, since you like the idea of collections, might I suggest that in addition to a collection of your novellas as discussed above, you also do a complete “Wives with Benefits” collection, as well as a collected edition of “A Killer of a One Night Stand”? None of that material has ever seen a paperback release. (Greedy, I know, but I’m a fan!)

          • I’m planning on putting out a more complete short story collection, including as a paperback, sure. Killer has always been a tricky option — it’s too long for a single paperback, I think. I’m looking into it, though!

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