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New (free) short story: I’ll Cheat If I Want To


Here’s a brand new story that you can get free if you’re on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service — but also, if you’re signed up to my mailing list.

I’ll Cheat If I Want To is a 16,000 word short story — it’s almost a short novella, but then I’ve always been a little bad at writing short.

It’s a little darker than some of my other stories, which is why I’ve given it the label hotwife/cuckold story — it’s a cheating wife story, and I know some readers are not into the cheating wife, preferring everything to be above board, with nothing done without approval from both husband and wife. If this isn’t for you, no problem.

Here we have a husband coming to the realization that his wife might be cheating on him. He understands why she might feel tempted. What surprises him is that knowing she is having an affair only makes him desire her more.

You can find the story for sale on Amazon now, here >>

As I said, it’s free if you’re signed up to the Kindle Unlimited subscription service, or if you’re on my mailing list.

If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll just get the occasional email whenever I have a new story out. It’s rarely more than once a month. And, you can unsubscribe if that seems like too much hassle.

If you’re after a Kobo, Nook or Apple Books ebook, or an ePub or PDF file for some other kind of e-reader, then you’ll have to get it from my mailing list.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. And even if you get it for free, you can still help me out by leaving a review on Amazon. I’d be very grateful.

Keen-eyed readers of this website might notice that I haven’t managed to put any more stories up on Medium recently. I’m not sure it’s been working out. I think it was a good idea in theory, but in practice I’m not sure readers of our particular sub-genre are hanging out on Medium. I’m thinking it might be more useful to put short stories on Kindle Unlimited every now and then. I’m keeping my longer stories off Kindle Unlimited so that they can also be available for readers using other (non-Amazon) e-readers.

Meanwhile, if anyone’s interested, I’m now in the process of writing season two of ‘Marriage 2.0’, and plenty of other stories are also in development. If Marriage 2.0 takes three months to write, as season one did, you might find the odd short story comes along before it. We’ll see.

Anywho, as ever, thanks for reading!


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Max Sebastian has been writing erotic fiction since 2001, starting out at the website before breaking into ebooks in 2011. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

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