New story available for Kindle, Kindle app and Kindle Unlimited

I have a new story out — a short story that’s available on Amazon now.

I love short stories, they’re such a wonderful little bite of ideas–you can dip into a world, or a life, or a relationship, sample the main points, and then leave.

I grew up on Philip K Dick science fiction stories and Stephen King horror stories, and when I started getting interested in reading erotica, rather than just the letters pages in porn magazines, it was short story anthologies that helped me discover decent writers to help me develop myself.

Writing short stories is a lot of fun, too.

I know that a lot of readers crave a long adventure where they can spend a serious amount of time in the company of certain characters, and experience all the highs and lows those characters go through on their path to a HEA. But, short stories can give you a wicked glimpse of an idea, a hint at some sexy arrangement between sultry characters, and leave you all hot under the collar and plenty to think about.

I find I can try new things in short stories, try out different kinds of stories, and there’s less pressure to conform to expectations. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does beautifully.

She Could Have Been His

She Could Have Been His’ is an 8,500 word story that takes place during the course of one night. It sees a couple asking the question ‘what if’ as they reunite with the guy who first introduced them ten years before.

What if he never set them up? What if their friend had asked her out himself, instead of setting them up?

The husband teases the wife about being married to their friend instead, and the wife teases the husband by kissing their friend. And to their surprise, the chemistry between their friend and the wife is incredible. To his surprise, the husband wants them to continue.

It’s very much a 0-100mph in four seconds kind of a start to a wife-sharing experience for this couple. Fun, though.

The Night She Found Out

Next month I’ll be issuing another short story as part of a series of new shorts for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

The next one will be twice as long as this one (around 16,000 words), told from the point of view of a young wife who discovers (thanks to an intrusive friend) her husband’s wife-sharing fantasy. The Night She Found Out follows them as the wife’s best friend insists they go for a big night out and get her laid, considering that’s her husband’s fantasy.

You can pre-order the next one on Amazon here, and it will be available from November 1.

If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you’ll get these stories and other shorts I put out in future months for free as part of your plan. Otherwise, you’ll be able to purchase them for use on the Kindle, or to use with a Kindle app on your iPhone/iPad or your Android phone or tablet.

If you’re a non-Kindle devotee, then very soon you’ll be able to read these stories in paperback form as an anthology with some of my other short stories–I’m just assembling it now.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on some longer stories, too, I promise.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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